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Choosing Sunglasses, Not Only Style

Many people are sure that sunglasses are only a fashion accessory. But they are primarily designed to protect the eyes. The question of how to choose sunglasses must be approached with responsibility, since an accessory of poor quality can do harm, and not benefit. What is sunlight and how can it hurt your eyes? So, if you are interested in how to choose the right sunglasses, first you need to understand why you need to protect your eyes from the sun.

Natural protection:

Natural protection for the eyes is provided by melanin, but with age, its amount decreases, so exposure to sunlight can trigger the occurrence of eye diseases such as cataracts or central degeneration. Even a brief observation of a solar eclipse without the necessary eye protection can lead to reduced vision with the possibility of only partial recovery.

Sunlight is primarily a combination of infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Depending on the wavelength, ultraviolet radiation is divided into: long-wave

  • – the safest range; it is the rays of this type that cause sunburn, but it should be noted that the effect accumulates throughout life and accelerates the aging of the skin; medium-wave
  • – the beams of this range have a higher energy; their presence in a certain amount causes burns, dermatitis and other skin lesions; short-wave
  • – the most dangerous range, which however almost completely delays the ozone layer of the atmosphere. At different latitudes, ultraviolet radiation differs. Thus, in the equatorial region it is very intense, and as the distance from it decreases, the radiation intensity decreases. Among other things, when reflected from certain surfaces, the influence of UV rays increases, which increases the total radiation dose.

So, water reflects about 70% of sunlight, snow – almost 90%, and grass is only 3%. If we talk about infrared radiation, it is largely dissipated due to moisture contained in the atmosphere, but in combination with ultraviolet it can also be dangerous. What to look for when buying glasses If you are interested in choosing a good sunglasses, the first thing you should ask the salesperson about is the material from which the lenses are made and its quality. The oakley sunglasses have the best lenses.


Lenses made of high-quality polymeric materials, such as polycarbonate, can withstand UV rays of types A and B. Essentially, but not completely, delays the ultraviolet radiation of the glass. Infrared rays passes both glass and plastic.

Many people are sure that the darker the color of the lenses, the better they protect the eyes. In fact, the intensity of the coloration of the lens does not always indicate the ability to hold the sun’s rays.

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